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Japan Shows Interest in Disrupted Oil Supply to Mažeikių nafta


For fifteen years the bilateral (economic, political and cultural) relations between Lithuania and Japan have been developed successfully. This conclusion was made by the Prime Ministers of Lithuania and Japan, Mr Gediminas Kirkilas and Mr Yunichiro Koizumi, who have met today.

Both Prime Ministers also agreed that there were all the possibilities for the future development of the bilateral relations as well, in particular in intensifying of business relations and cooperating in international organisations and missions.

Yunichiro Koizumi approved of the proposal of Mr Kirkilas on facilitating the preparation and conclusion of economic agreements, first of all, the agreements on the avoidance of double taxation and the protection of investments. In the opinion of the Japanese Prime Minister, Lithuania’s membership in the EU and NATO provided Lithuania with the prospects of economic security and welfare. According to Mr Kirkilas, after Lithuania joined NATO, it not only became safer but also took a more active role in international missions ensuring safety. The Lithuanian Prime Minister repeated his request to Japan for the cooperation in civil projects in Afghanistan, where Lithuania led the reconstruction of the Ghor province.

The Japanese Prime Minister also expressed his interest in the circumstances of the disrupted oil supply to Mažeikių nafta. According to Mr Gediminas Kirkilas, time would show whether it happened due to a political decision of Russia or technical reasons.

Mr Yunichiro Koizumi thanked the Lithuanian Government for its support to Japan in its wish to become a permanent member in the Security Council of the United Nations. Mr Kirkilas assured the Japanese Prime Minister that Lithuania was ready to further cooperate in implementing the reform of the United Nations.

At the previous meeting of Mr Kirkilas and the Japanese President of the House of Councilors (Upper Chamber), Ms Chikage Oogi, the successful development of the bilateral relations for 15 years was underlined as well. The Head of the Japanese Parliament noticed that Lithuania’s participation in the EXPO exhibition in Nagoya last year greatly contributed to the strengthening of the relations and better knowledge of Lithuania.

 Mr Gediminas Kirkilas noticed that parliamentary relations between Lithuania and Japan had to be further developed as well. In his opinion, there were good conditions for the development of the mutual business relations as Lithuania was a member state of the EU.

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