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Japan Shows Interest in Disrupted Oil Supply to Mažeikių nafta (2006.09.01)
For fifteen years the bilateral (economic, political and cultural) relations between Lithuania and Japan have been developed successfully. This conclusion was made by the Prime Ministers of Lithuania and Japan, Mr Gediminas Kirkilas and Mr Yunichiro Koizumi, who have met today.

Attempts to Include the Pažaislis Convent in the UNESCO World Heritage List (2006.08.24)
The Government has approved of the 2006-2010 Programme of the Preservation of Pažaislis Camaldoli Convent Ensemble – the outstanding monument of baroque architecture of Lithuania – that is aimed at ensuring the management of the ensemble, as well as adaptation of the ensemble to the tourism needs and its presentation to the public of Lithuania and the world.

Strengthening of Consular Service Will Contribute to the Development of Business, Tourism and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (2006.08.24)
The Government has approved the Programme for the Consular Development of the Republic of Lithuania for 2006-2008. The programme aims at ensuring the provision of effective and qualified consular assistance to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, at facilitating the development of the tourism, business and cultural relations between Lithuania and foreign states, and performing consular functions in accordance with the requirements of the EU and Schengen acquis.

Lithuanian Border Guards to Participate in Mission at Georgian–Russian Boarder (2006.07.24)
The experts of the Lithuanian State Boarder Guard Service (SBGS) will assess the situation at the boarder between Georgia and Russia.

Greater Co-operation with Armenia and Cyprus (2006.07.21)
The Government has decided to ask the President to submit to the Seimas for ratification the Agreement between the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Armenia on promotion of investment and mutual protection, signed on 25 April 2006 in Yerevan.

Prime Minister Received Invitation by José Manuel Barroso to Visit Brussels (2006.07.20)
On 20 July 2006, Prime Minister Gediminas Kirkilas had a telephone conversation with Mr José Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission. Mr Barroso congratulated Mr Kirkilas on the formation of the new Government and invited him to visit Brussels in early September for the discussion of the EU agenda and the EU policy of the new Lithuanian Government.

Government Decides to Establish Diplomatic Relations with Montenegro (2006.06.28)
The Government has decided to establish diplomatic relations with the Republic of Montenegro. On 22 June 2006, the Seimas adopted a Resolution on the Recognition of the Republic of Montenegro.

Government’s e-Target to Provide 90 Per cent of Main Public Services via Internet (2006.06.09)
The Government has approved the Lithuanian Information Society Development Programme for 2006-2008. The programme is to implement the Strategy for Information Society Development in Lithuania, which was approved by the Government on 8 June 2005.

Government Approved Agreements with Polish Oil Company PKN Orlen (2006.05.30)
On 29 May, the Government at its sitting approved draft agreements between the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the Polish oil company Polski Koncern Naftowy (PKN) Orlen on the sale of 30.66 per cent of AB Mažeikių Nafta share stake owned by the Government.

Lithuania and Poland Make Co-operative Efforts to Improve the Status of the Water Bodies in the Nemunas River Basin Area (2006.05.24)
The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the agreement between the Governments of Lithuania and Poland on the co-operation in the field of the use and protection of transboundary waters signed on 7 June 2005 in Byelovezh.

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